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Clean Space~
~Clear Mind


Whether you need a deep or light clean,

help with organization,

or designing and arranging a room

to maximize the space...


I'm here to help!


Thank you for being here!

Hi there~

I'm Ellie

I thoroughly enjoy leaving spaces feeling better than when I find them however I can


I have professional house cleaning experience

I have an eye for detail & am very meticulous

& I provide all my own non toxic supplies

I love assisting in the creation and maintaining of a space that brings peace & clarity of mind...

a space that uplifts & inspires!

This can be done in a multitude of ways;

through a simple cleaning,

organization to maximize your space,

through art, colors, plants & design

I am here for whatever needs you have in your space~

please reach out with any questions or for a free phone consultation! 


My Services

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