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Thank you for being here~

I am here as an ally

on your journey into/out of yourself

I am 

a mother, sister, daughter, friend, lover


I am a student,

writer, artist, dancer, yogi in the making,

more than words can say

I am an advocate for mindfulness, movement, self expression, 

ongoing education & connection to Earth's bounties 

I am reminded each day of the importance of flexibility,

the ability to remain open, to stretch & breathe


remembering how to let go, 

how to ebb & flow with the world surrounding & the waves within


Learning how to adjust & adapt to each circumstance presented,

being strengthened under pressure & through challenges 

seeing every moment as a potential lesson,

 a blessing


remembering gratitude & presence

with a hand over my heart


I am here to remind of the importance of every thought, word & action,

the implications that ripple out everywhere to everyone

The Butterfly Effect


Quantum Physics;

Matter, energy


The power of the individual to alter what is around them, 

within them, their perception & interactions

through intention 

& receptivity 


I have grown up & out of a past of anxiety, codependency, dissociation,

addiction, & confusion

A past of disconnection to myself,

feeling I had to conform to fit in,

take up less space, keep quiet & do not question

or else I am the problem


Succumbing to over consumption to temporary fulfill a void within

Numbing, suppressing, repressing,

through social media, processed foods, alcohol, drugs, sex, 

Sensory stimulation that complicates the nervous system & being

Building up layers & walls around me to feel some idea of safety

that kept me trapped inside


I am a survivor of a sickness I inherited & shared with others 

& now I am sharing my story,

as I  write a new one


I am here to uplift & inspire

to empower you on your journey deeper inward & out into the world


I am a passionate advocate & ally of all breathing beings on Earth & beyond, 

past, present, future


I am a voice for the voiceless, a protector, nurturer & caretaker


I am here to remind people of the power within

& the importance of taking responsibility & accountability for oneself

With Love, forgiveness, compassion,

 grace & humility


I am here to promote lifestyles in alignment with the larger ecosystem we are all apart of

For my family & friends near & far

For those I will never meet

For You

For the evolution of humanity as a species 

For All


It begins today, 

Now, this moment,

& every moment forward

through what we intake into our being,

Mind Body Spirit,

We become 


Every cell is encoded with our unique essence

in addition to the fuel we ingest that moves us


Our breath, body & voice are vital resources

for ourselves & all


I am here to give back what I have been given 

Share what has been shared with me

Teach what I am learning,

still learning as I teach 


For Life itself 

For my ancestors & the future generations 


For Justice




Balance & Harmony


Everyone plays a unique part in what is unfolding


The sharing of these words is part of mine

& this is just the beginning 


Thank You for taking the time to read these words

I wish you the very best 

Please reach out if you feel called

Peace & blessings~

From my heart & mind to yours,

Ellie Michelle, 


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