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'Love, I'(out now


'L words'(coming soon)

 Two different unique collections of poems,
moments, thoughts, ideas, visions
part autobiography,
fiction & non fiction

Each separate writing related,
apart of one singular story,
told in a progression
yet separate too,
& out of the timeline they were written in

Each writing can be taken out of order

& context & stand alone


Stimulate the senses,
travel to new worlds through the unique selection of words written in prose,
float down a stream of consciousness,
remember familiar places,
perceive & envision potential realities


These books are a compilation of writings scribbled in many different notebooks,
layered & refined over time


'Love, I' & 'L words' are an intimate look into the authors heart & mind in a way never shared before,
words that sound like a bell,
a clear confident voice sharing their human/spirit experience

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